Friday, January 6, 2012

What are the special adaptive features of water lilies?

Special Adaptive Features Of Water Lilies --

1 ) The length of the petiole is equal to the depth of water so that the leaves can easily float on water .( It is not free floating but rooted hydrophyte.)

2 ) The petiole and the leaves show large air cavities . They help the plant to remain floating .

3 ) Stomata are only on the upper surface of the leaf as the lower surface is in contact with water.

4 ) Leaf is large but internally supported by Astrosclerids

see photo on the link

5 ) Sclerenchyma is poorly developed as water gives the mechanical support.

What are the special adaptive features of water lilies?
Also, their seeds can live for hundreds of years buried in the mud, waiting to be brought to the surface so they can sprout.

They hav stomata only on the upper part of the leaf. They also hav a poorly developed root system, since aquatic plants dont need much water. They have waxy coating on their leaves to prevent wetting. They also have large round leaves and air canals in their stems. Their cells hav pumps to ward off excess of water.

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